Welcome to La Città dell’Utopia!

La Città dell’Utopia is a social and cultural space located in Rome. It addresses the new models of local and global development seeking equality, sustainability, and justice.

La Città dell’Utopia is a project run by local and international volunteers who come together to organize events, courses, and festivals, often in collaboration with other local activist groups. The volunteers are the heart of La Citta dell’Utopia and this place wouldn’t exist without their continuous contribution towards organizing activities and taking care of the space.

The initiatives of La Città dell’Utopia include

  • Social Cafè – a weekly event that discusses topics such as antifascism, environment, and gender through book presentations, movie screenings, workshops, games, and other activities.
  • Courses – weekly courses on languages, activities related to mindfulness etc.
  • Mercatino Terra/Terra – a monthly market for local, seasonal and organic produce, organized by a network of small producers whose production is not controlled by the rules of large-scale distribution.
  • Festival Internazionale della Zuppa di Roma – a yearly festival that through the simple idea of soup seeks to look into local and global issues around themes such as environment and social inclusion.
  • No Border Fest – a yearly festival that celebrates the freedom of movement, organized in collaboration with laboratorio 53, SCI and eduraduno.

We also collaborate with other local groups and associations to organize events beyond La Città dell’Utopia. This includes, for example, Renoize Festival.

Besides our own initiatives, we also host various associations here in La Città dell’Utopia. These include, for example

  • Laboratorio 53 that offers legal and social support for refugees
  • Libellula that addresses social, psychological as well as health and employment-related issues of transgender people.
  • Eduraduno, that is an association formed by social workers, aiming to connect people from different backgrounds working in the same sector.
  • Gruppo di Acquisto Solidale (GAS) that promotes small producers with organic, ecological and healthy produce over large food companies

La Città dell’Utopia takes place in a historically remarkable building which is also the reason it has survived the past 400 years whilst the rest of the city has developed around it. The building is considered as “Casa di Garibaldi”, as the legends say that Garibaldi, the person who united Italy back in the history, slept here for a couple of nights during his journeys. Since the early 20th century the place came to be known as Trattoria Volpi, named after Augusto Volpi who was running a tavern here with his family. Augusto Volpi was a supporter of the anti-fascists during the wars and used the space to hide partisans. His legacy continues as we continue to fight fascism today here in La Città dell’Utopia.

La Città dell ‘Utopia is a project of Service Civil International Italy. SCI is an international organization that is currently present in 43 countries. During the past 90 years, it has promoted volunteering around the themes of peace, human rights, international solidarity, sustainability, social inclusion, and active citizenship. Because of our connection to SCI we also organize various other events with the SCI network. These include, for example, the international workcamps during the festivals (Zuppa, No Border, Renoize) and trainings for volunteers.