La Città dell’Utopia International Film Festival was established to discover independent and young filmmakers who try to be authors and image deep and different artistic and critical points of view. it is a place for filmmakers and film lovers to meet, share, and collaborate. The focus of the festival is on hearing the different voices of independent filmmakers all around the world. We particularly embrace the filmmaker’s distinctive, bold, and less commonly observed approach that separates from mainstream conventions.

Like the festival’s name, we are trying to embody that spirit of filmmaking, the continuous effort to push the boundaries of the accepted norm and the never-ending struggle to change and evolve in our world. 

La Città dell’Utopia International Film Festival has a different workflow aligned with its goals mentioned. As much as our time schedule allows we will accept different types and lengths of films (short, documentary, experimental, and so on). We won’t have a submission fee. We have a group of filmmakers to select films for screening, but we won’t have any juries to select the “best”s! instead, we provide conversation events in order to speak with filmmakers and listen to them. Let’s come back to the main idea behind cinema: interaction! We welcome all international filmmakers to come, and we will host you during the festival in Città dell’Utopia host place. Create a chance for filmmakers and the audience to stay together and hopefully open a door for future collaborations.

La Città dell’Utopia is a social lab located in the neighbourhood of San Paolo, in southern Rome. The project’s main goal is an experimental path of active citizenship which aims to develop a constant dialectic between the local and international dimensions.

Screening would be in the open-air place of the Citta dell’Otopia Non-profit organisation. A cosy place to gather all of us.

December 22, 2023

Opening Date

March 3, 2024

Regular Deadline

March 16, 2024

Notification Date

May 16 – 19, 2024

Event Date